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International Workshop

Mass Spectrometry Informatics in Natural Product Research

September 5-6, 2013



sponsored by Toyamalogo.gif and 北陸質量分析談話会


  • From Tokyo
Please take the flight ANA883 (Haneda 9:30 - Toyama 10:30) more info. Our courtesy bus waits at the airport.
  • From Osaka
Please take the Thunderbird train Nr.7 (Osaka 8:40 - Toyama 11:57) more info. Our courtesy bus waits at the North Exit of Toyama Station.

On 6th, our bus will take you to the station and the airport.

Return flight ANA888 (Toyama 15:20 - Haneda 16:25)
Return train Thunderbird Nr.34 (Toyama 15:22)


5th September
14:50 Registration
Invited Talk
15:10 Yun-Wei Lin (National Chiayi University)
"Nature compounds in Lung Cancer Chemotherapy: In vitro Study"
Regular Talks
15:50 Masanori Arita (The University of Tokyo)
"Integration of Algal Cheminformation Resources through a Network-based System"
16:10 Shigehiko Kanaya (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"KNApSAcK Algae-Gene DB towards systematization of Algae metabolic pathways"
BREAK (10 min.)
16:40 Naoaki Ono (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"Development of algae gene database and transcriptome analysis of Euglena gracilis using an RNA-seq"
17:00 Masamichi Chichi (The University of Tokyo)
"Transcriptome analysis of Euglena gracilis using RNA-seq"
17:20 Takumi Ogawa (Osaka Prefectural University)
"Exploration of polar lipid accmulation profiles in Euglena gracilis and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
17:40 Adchara Padermshoke (Osaka Prefectural University)
"Wax ester biosynthesis in Euglena gracilis"
18:00 Takeshi Furuhashi (RIKEN CSRS)
"Euglena gracilis waxester synthesis under anaerobic condition"
18:20 Ken Tanaka (Toyama University)
"Characterization of the newly developed ginger cultivar with giant rhizome"

6th September
9:00 Li Feng (Toyama University)
"Cytotoxic constituents of propolis from Brazil, Myanmar and Mexico"
9:20 Atsushi Fukushima (RIKEN CSRS)
"Development of Metabolite Profiling Database for Knock-Out Mutants in Arabidopsis (MeKO)"
9:40 Hiroshi Tsugawa (RIKEN CSRS)
"MRMPROBS: A data assessment and metabolite identification tool for large-scale multiple reaction monitoring based widely targeted metabolomics"
10:00 Ramon Mejia (RIKEN CSRS)
"REST-ful approach for data-distributed community-web service"
10:20 Yoshihiko Hasegawa (The University of Tokyo)
"Circadian clocks are optimal for synchronization to daylight cycle"
10:40-12:00 Discussion


Hotel rooms are booked by the organizers. All rooms are shared by 2 people. Please prepare cash for the room and food.

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