Reference:Linard A:Delaveau P:Paris RR:Dellamonica G:Chopin J:,Phytochemistry,1982,21,797

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Authors = Linard_A Delaveau_P Paris_RR Dellamonica_G Chopin_J     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = Phytochemistry    ( Other reports in this journal (1887 pages))
Year = 1982
Volume = 21
Page = 797

Species-metabolite information in this article

Species-Flavonoid Relationship Reported
Species ID Metabolite Name Reference
Astrantia major FL3FACCS0021 Isocarlinoside This page
Blepharostoma trichophyllum FL3FACCS0021 Isocarlinoside This page
Glycine max FL3FACCS0021 Isocarlinoside This page
Lespedeza capitata FL3FACCS0021 Isocarlinoside This page
Lespedeza capitata FL3FACCS0022 Neocarlinoside This page
Oryza sativa FL3FACCS0022 Neocarlinoside This page
Pleurozia conchifolia FL3FACCS0021 Isocarlinoside This page
Radula complanata FL3FACCS0022 Neocarlinoside This page
Saccharum sp. FL3FACCS0022 Neocarlinoside This page
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