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Authors = Satoh_K Nagai_F Seto_T Yamauchi_H     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = 薬学雑誌;Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan;Yakugaku Zasshi    ( Other reports in this journal (102 pages))
Title= "[The effects of kampo-formulation and the constituting crude drugs, prescribed for the treatment of peptic ulcer on H,K-ATPase activity]"
Year = 2001
Volume = 121
Page = 173

Kampo formulas in this article

Kampo Formulas Reported
Formula Note Reference
Bukuryoin 茯苓飲 ブクリョウイン This page
Daisaikoto 大柴胡湯 ダイサイコトウ This page
Hangekobokuto 半夏厚朴湯 ハンゲコウボクトウ This page
Shakuyakukanzoto 芍薬甘草湯 シャクヤクカンゾウトウ This page
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