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Authors = Saegusa_Y Sugiyama_A Takahara_A Nagasawa_Y Hashimoto_K     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences    ( Other reports in this journal (18 pages))
Title= "Relationship Between Phosphodiesterase Inhibition Induced by Several Kampo Medicines and Smooth Muscle Relaxation of Gastrointestinal Tract Tissues of Rats"
Year = 2003
Volume = 93
Page = 62

Kampo formulas in this article

Kampo Formulas Reported
Formula Note Reference
Daisaikoto 大柴胡湯 ダイサイコトウ This page
Saireito 柴苓湯 サイレイトウ This page
San'oshashinto 三黄瀉心湯 サンオウシャシントウ This page
Tsudosan 通導散 ツウドウサン This page
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