KampoReference:Hijikata Y:Makiura N:Kano T:Higasa K:Shimizu M:Kawata K:Mine T:,Am J Chin Med,2008,36,835

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Authors = Hijikata_Y Makiura_N Kano_T Higasa_K Shimizu_M Kawata_K Mine_T     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = The American Journal of Chinese Medicine    ( Other reports in this journal (121 pages))
Title= "Kampo medicine, based on traditional medicine theory, in treating uncured glossodynia: efficacy in five clinical cases"
Year = 2008
Volume = 36
Page = 835

Kampo formulas in this article

Kampo Formulas Reported
Formula Note Reference
Bakumondoto 麦門冬湯 バクモンドウトウ This page
Chikujountanto 竹茹温胆湯 チクジョウンタントウ This page
Hachimijiogan 八味地黄丸 ハチミジオウガン This page
Hangeshashinto 半夏瀉心湯 ハンゲシャシントウ This page
Jiinkokato 滋陰降火湯 ジインコウカトウ This page
Kamikihito 加味帰脾湯 カミキヒトウ This page
Kamishoyosan 加味逍遙散 カミショウヨウサン This page
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