KampoReference:Fujii T:Kanai T:Kozuma S:Hamai Y:Hyodo H:Yamashita T:Miki A:Unno N:Taketani Y:,Am J Reprod Immunol,2000,44,342

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Authors = Fujii_T Kanai_T Kozuma_S Hamai_Y Hyodo_H Yamashita_T Miki_A Unno_N Taketani_Y     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = American Journal of Reproductive Immunology    ( Other reports in this journal (7 pages))
Title= "Theoretical basis for herbal medicines, Tokishakuyaku-san and Sairei-to, in the treatment of autoimmunity-related recurrent abortion by correcting T helper-1/T helper-2 balance"
Year = 2000
Volume = 44
Page = 342

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