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Floratheasaponin A-C is known to significantly reduce the amount of neutral lipids (triglycerides) in blood serum for 50-100 mg/kg[1]. For this activity, acylation at 21 and 22 positions of the triterpene structure is necessary. Chakasaponin I-III inhibits pancreatic lipase and for this activity, the hydroxyl group at position 15 is important. Other functionality of floral saponins are anti-allergy and gastric mucosal protection [2].

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Name R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6
Floratheasaponin A H H Ang Ac H Xyl
Floratheasaponin B OH H Ang Ang H Xyl
Floratheasaponin C OH H Ang 2MB H Xyl
Floratheasaponin D H H Ang Ac H Rha
Floratheasaponin E OH H Ang Ang H Rha
Floratheasaponin F OH H Ang 2MB H Rha
Floratheasaponin G H H Tig Ac H Rha
Floratheasaponin H H Ac Ang Ac H Rha
Floratheasaponin I H H Ang H Ac Rha
Chakasaponin I H H Tig Ac H Xyl
Chakasaponin II OH H Tig Tig H Xyl
Chakasaponin III OH H Tig Ac H Xyl

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