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Upper classes : FL Flavonoid : FL1 Aurone and Chalcone


Major Plant Families

The number in each family is counted as the number of genera (not species) listed in our registered references. Each reference record is accessible by clicking the link in compound pages. The taxonomy follows the APG-II classification. For details (or if the figure is broken), visit this page.


Patterns of Hydroxylation

The 5th and 6th digits of our flavonoid ID indicates the hydroxylation patterns of A-ring and B-ring (See the upper-right figure. The leftmost ring is A, rightmost is B), respectively. The following chart is spanned by these 2 digits. R indicates H or CH3, and R' indicates H or R. Numbers are IUPAC positions. The value in each cell (such as GS: glycosilation only) corresponds to the 7th and 8th digits, which is explained at the bottom of this page.

Details of the 3rd Class: Hydroxylation pattern of A and B rings (5th and 6th digits)

Position of -OH (-OCH3) groups
      6th digit →
5th digit ↓

FL A.png FL B.png FL C.png FL D.png FL E.png FL F.png FL G.png FL H.png FL I.png FL J.png FL K.png FL L.png FL 8.png FL 9.png
 A (5 pages)  B (0 pages)  C (6 pages)  D (0 pages)  E (0 pages)  F (0 pages)  G (1 pages)  H (0 pages)  I (0 pages)  J (1 pages)  K (0 pages)  L (0 pages)  8 (0 pages)  9 (3 pages)
FL A .png  A (7 pages)  GS (3 pages) NS (1 pages)  NS (1 pages)  NS (1 pages)  NS (1 pages)
FL B .png  B (1 pages)  NS (1 pages)
FL C .png  C (0 pages)
FL D .png  D (0 pages)
FL E .png  E (0 pages)
FL F .png  F (0 pages)
FL G .png  G (0 pages)
FL 1 .png  1 (6 pages)  NF (2 pages) NS (2 pages)  NF (2 pages)
FL 2 .png  2 (0 pages)
FL 3 .png  3 (1 pages)  NS (1 pages)
FL 4 .png  4 (0 pages)
FL 9 .png  9 (1 pages)  NS (1 pages)

Abbreviations used in the above chart

First Characters 

N not glycosylated; G O-glycoside; C C-glycoside; D both glycosides;

Second Characters 

S not modified; M alkylated; I prenylated; R cyclic-prenylated; F furanoFL; P pyranoFL; D furano and pyranoFL; N phenylpropanoid; C others;

Special Second Character only for Anthycyanin (FL7) 

A Galactosylated; L Glucosylated; O modified with other sugars;

Other Unusual Patterns

These types are not classified in the above chart.

Quinone  QU (0 pages) alpha-Hydroxy  HX (0 pages) beta-Hydroxy  HY (0 pages) Peltogynoid  PT (0 pages)
Retrocalchone  RT (0 pages) Dehydro-backbone  WX (0 pages) Additional rings  RN (0 pages) Others  UN (1 pages)
Pyranoanthocyanin (FL7 only)  RX (0 pages)

Patterns of Glycosylation

The 7th and 8th digits of the flavonoid ID indicates the glycosylation, and other modification patterns, respectively. The following chart is spanned by these 2 digits. The value in each cell (such as AA for the standard form) corresponds to the 5th and 6th digits.

Details of the 4th Class: Glycosylation patterns (7th and 8th digits)
      7th digit →
8th digit ↓
No glycosylation  N (14 pages) O-glycoside  G (3 pages) C-glycoside  C (0 pages) O- & C-glycoside  D (0 pages)
no modification  S (13 pages)  1C (2 pages) 3C (1 pages) 99 (1 pages) AA (1 pages) AC (1 pages) AG (1 pages) AJ (1 pages) BA (1 pages) UN (1 pages)  AA (3 pages)
alkylated  M (0 pages)
prenylated  I (0 pages)
cyclic prenylated  R (0 pages)
furano FL  F (4 pages)  19 (2 pages) 1C (2 pages)
pyrano FL  P (0 pages)
furano & pyrano FL  D (0 pages)
prenylpropanoid  N (0 pages)
others  C (0 pages)
3-Gal related A N.A. N.A. N.A.
3-Glc related L N.A. N.A. N.A.
other sugar at 3 O N.A. N.A. N.A.

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