KampoReference:Yokozawa T:Nakagawa T:Terasawa K:,和漢医薬学雑誌,2001,18,107

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Authors = Yokozawa_T Nakagawa_T Terasawa_K     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = 和漢医薬学雑誌    ( Other reports in this journal (405 pages))
Title= "Effects of Oriental medicines on the production of advanced glycation endproducts"
Year = 2001
Volume = 18
Page = 107

Kampo formulas in this article

Kampo Formulas Reported
Formula Note Reference
Daiobotampito 大黄牡丹皮湯 ダイオウボタンピトウ This page
Keishibukuryogan 桂枝茯苓丸 ケイシブクリョウガン This page
Tokakujokito 桃核承気湯 トウカクジョウキトウ This page
Unpito 温脾湯 ウンピトウ This page
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