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Authors = Endo_M Oikawa_T Hoshino_T Hatori_T Matsumoto_T Hanawa_T     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = Journal of Traditional Medicines    ( Other reports in this journal (60 pages))
Title= "Suppression of murine colitis by Kampo medicines, with special reference to the efficacy of saireito"
Year = 2009
Volume = 26
Page = 110

Kampo formulas in this article

Kampo Formulas Reported
Formula Note Reference
Goreisan 五苓散 ゴレイサン This page
Orengedokuto 黄連解毒湯 オウレンゲドクトウ This page
Saireito 柴苓湯 サイレイトウ This page
Shosaikoto 小柴胡湯 ショウサイコトウ This page
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