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: Board Member (2014 Oct-2016 Sep)
: Board Member (2014 Oct-2016 Sep)
: Organization and talks
: Organization and talks
:: Workshop "Data Sharing and Standardisation", Dublin, 27 Jun 2016
:: Workshop "Data Sharing and Standardisation" (SF, 29 Jun, 2015; Dublin, 27 Jun 2016; Brisbane, 26 Jun, 2017)
:: NSF-JST "Metabolomics for a Low Carbon Society", San Francisco, 28 Jun 2015
:: NSF-JST "Metabolomics for a Low Carbon Society", San Francisco, 28 Jun 2015
:: JST-NSF "Metabolomics Measurement Technology and Application" Tsuruoka, 23 Jun 2014
:: JST-NSF "Metabolomics Measurement Technology and Application" Tsuruoka, 23 Jun 2014
# Annual Metabolome Symposium (domestic) 2006-2016
# Annual Metabolome Symposium (domestic) 2006-2017
:: Mishima event 2016
# Shonan meeting "Computational metabolomics", March 20-23, Shonan, 2017
# NIG International Symposium (commemorating DDBJ 30th) "Life, Environment and Evolution revealed by Genomes"

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  38. 有田 正規「生体ネットワークの大域情報と局所情報をつなぐソフトウェア」 第10回分生研シンポジウム「情報生物学」9/22, 東京 2005
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  41. 有田 正規 「マップエディタを用いたオンデマンドの代謝解析」 日本農芸化学会シンポジウム「モノづくりの代謝工学」 3/29, 札幌 2005
  42. 有田 正規 「代謝のネットワーク解析:大域的特徴から分子構造変化まで」 (財)新世代研究所 中性子生体ナノマシン・バイオナノ合同研究会 1/28, 東海村 2005
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Meeting series and Workshops

  1. AYRCOB Conference Series ( 2008-2016
  2. International Metabolomics Society
Board Member (2014 Oct-2016 Sep)
Organization and talks
Workshop "Data Sharing and Standardisation" (SF, 29 Jun, 2015; Dublin, 27 Jun 2016; Brisbane, 26 Jun, 2017)
NSF-JST "Metabolomics for a Low Carbon Society", San Francisco, 28 Jun 2015
JST-NSF "Metabolomics Measurement Technology and Application" Tsuruoka, 23 Jun 2014
  1. Annual Metabolome Symposium (domestic) 2006-2017
Mishima event 2016
  1. Shonan meeting "Computational metabolomics", March 20-23, Shonan, 2017
  2. NIG International Symposium (commemorating DDBJ 30th) "Life, Environment and Evolution revealed by Genomes"
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