Reference:Kasymov AU:Kondratenko ES:Abubakirov NK:,Khim. Prir. Soedin.,1972,8,115

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Authors = Kasymov_AU Kondratenko_ES Abubakirov_NK     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii (Tashkent)    ( Other reports in this journal (131 pages))
Year = 1972
Volume = 8
Page = 115

Species-metabolite information in this article

Species-Flavonoid Relationship Reported
Species ID Metabolite Name Reference
Amorpha fruticosa FLIF1LNF0006 Amorphigenin This page
Amorpha fruticosa FLIFWXNF0004 6a,12a-Didehydroamorphigenin This page
Amorpha fruticosa FLIF1LNF0007 Dihydroamorphigenin This page
Amorpha spp. FLIF1LNF0006 Amorphigenin This page
Amorpha spp. FLIFWXNF0004 6a,12a-Didehydroamorphigenin This page
Dalbergia monetaria FLIF1LNF0006 Amorphigenin This page
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