Reference:Cazeneuve:,C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris,1887,104,1722

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Authors = Cazeneuve     (Click a name to see records for each author.)
Journal = Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris    ( Other reports in this journal (7 pages))
Year = 1887
Volume = 104
Page = 1722

Species-metabolite information in this article

Species-Flavonoid Relationship Reported
Species ID Metabolite Name Reference
Baphia nitida FLID1CNS0004 Pterocarpin This page
Maackia amurensis FLID1ANS0004 (-) -Homopterocarpin This page
Pericopsis angolensis FLID1ANS0004 (-) -Homopterocarpin This page
Pericopsis schliebenii FLID1ANS0004 (-) -Homopterocarpin This page
Pterocarpus spp. FLID1ANS0004 (-) -Homopterocarpin This page
Pterocarpus spp. FLID1CNS0004 Pterocarpin This page
Sophora angustifolia FLID1CNS0004 Pterocarpin This page
Sophora substrata FLID1CNS0004 Pterocarpin This page
Swartzia madagascariensis FLID1ANS0004 (-) -Homopterocarpin This page
Swartzia madagascariensis FLID1CNS0004 Pterocarpin This page
Trifolium hybridum FLID1ANS0004 (-) -Homopterocarpin This page

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